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1005 Langley St

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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Yuletime Beuk Bunnle


SPECIAL OFFER FUR DECEMBER £15.00 fur e hale bunnle

This bunnle includes:

* a copy o The Tint Aig

* a copy o Nae Place Like Hame?

Plus free Yuletide Decoration Pack

* paper strips tae mak a Yule chine

* paper circles tae mak sax baubles

* twa blank keyrings

* selection o pages fae damaged beuks (we hiv a puckle damaged beuks an raither than throw thim oot we've decidit tae recycle thim intae a Yuletide Decoration Pack - better fur e environmint we think ye'll agree)

* an instruction sheet on foo tae mak a Yule Chine, sax baubles an twa key rings.


This bundle includes:

* a copy of The Tint Aig

* a copy of Nae Place Like Hame?

Plus free Christmas Decoration Pack

* paper strips to make a Christmas Chain

* paper circles to make six baubles

* two blank keyrings

* selection of pages from damaged books (we have a few damaged books and rather than throw them out we have decided to recycle them into a Christmas Decoration Pack - better for the environment we think you'll agree)

* an instruction sheet on how to make a Christmas Chain, six baubles and two key rings.


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