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1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

1005 Langley St

Victoria, BC V8W 1V7

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


The Foggie Neuk Christmas Fair

We're gettin ready fur a fine time up at Foggie iss Saturday.  They're haein a gran Christmas Fair wi Sunty, singers, stalls an aa kinds.  Jackie'll be tellin Christmas stories inna.  Be sure in cum alang atween 10.00-2.00.  See ye ere!

Ging til thir Facebuik page fur mair info an puckles o bonnie picturs!


We're getting ready for a good time up at Foggie this Saturday.  They're having a grand Christmas Fair with Santa, singers, stalls and all kinds of things.  Jackie will be telling Christmas stories as well.  Be sure to come along between 10.00-2.00.  See you there!

Go to their Facebook page for more info and several nice pictures!

dates of bairn rhyme time

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Huntly Hairst Events - Orbs Bookshop + Leith Hall Picnic

4th September 2021

Aul McDonald will mak an appearance at Orbs Bookshop atween 11.00-12.00 on e Saturday o e Huntly Hairst.  Aaron an Jackie'll be wi him an they'll tell ye e story o Aul McDonald an mebbe a puckle ither eens inna.  Syne ye'll hear aa aboot foo e buik wis made.  Cum alang fur a fun oor.

Aul McDonald will make an appearance at Orbs Bookshop between 11.00-12.00 on the Saturday of the Huntly Hairst.  Aaron and Jackie will be with him and they'll tell you the story of Aul McDonald and maybe some others too.  Then you will hear all about how the book was made.  Come along for a fun hour.

5th September 2021

Syne, Aul McDonald'll haud ower tae Leith Hall fur e picnic on e Sunday o e Huntly Hairst.  Aaron an Jackie'll gyng wi him again an ye'll hae e chunce tae hear a puckle ither stories.  Ere'll be sessions aa throu e day - be shure tae cum alang in enjoy a wee tale ot twa.

Then, Aul McDonald will head over to Leith Hall for the picnic on the Sunday of the Huntly Hairst.  Aaron and Jackie will go with him again and you will have the chance to hear a few different stories.  There will be sessions throughout the day - be sure to come along and enjoy a tale or two.


Alford Toddlers Group, Haughton Park, Alford

24th August 2021

Doric Books is gaun tae tell some stories tae e bairns at e Alford Toddlers Group atween 10am-12noon on Tuesday 24th August.  We'll be ere, fitivver e wither, doon bi e swings, haein a rare time.

Doric Books is going to tell some stories to the children at the Alford Toddlers Group between 10am-12noon on Tuesday 24th August.  We'll be there, come rain or shine, down by the swings, haveing a great time.


Storytelling fur Archie Foundation at Royal Deeside Motor Show, Kincardine O'Neil

14th August 2021

Doric Books is gaun tae e Royal Deeside Motor Show in Kinker tae tell some tales in aid o e Archie Foundation.  We'll be ere aa day fae 11.00-4.00 sae be shure tae cum bi an say hello.  An mebbe listen til a story or twa an pit a bittie siller in e bucket fur Archie.

Doric Books is going to the Royal Deeside Motor Show in Kincardine O'Neil to tell some tales in aid of the Archie Foundation.  We'll be there all day from 11.00-4.00 so be sure to come past and say hello.  And maybe listen to a story or two and put a some money in the bucket for Archie.


Westhill Mairket

7th August 2021

Fit wye nae come alang tae Westhill Mairket nesit month an fa in wi Aul McDonald himsel.  He's aye up fur a news an he'll be ere aa mornin.

Why not come along to Westhill Market next month and meet up with Aul McDonald himself.  He's always up for a chat and he'll be there all morning.


Aul McDonald is Gaun Tae e Aul Mart in Alford

31st July 2021

Aul McDonald is gaun tae ging in hae a luikie at e aul mart in Alford at e end o iss month.  He'll be jynin aa e folk thit are gaun tae Alford Community Expo - a rare chunce tae see a boorach o local folk fae different community groups an  businesses.  It's on fae 12.00-4.00 on Saterday 31st July.  A fine wye tae end e month.

 Aul McDonald is going to have a look at the old cattle market in Alford at the end of this month.  He will be joining all the people who are going to Alford Community Expo - a good opportunity to see lots of people from different community groups and businesses. It's on fro 12.00-4.00 on Saturday 31st July.  A nice way to end the month.


Scottish Week, Peterhead

18th July 2021

Aul McDonald is gaun tae e coast tae see e fine folks up at e Bloo Toon.  He's jynin e Faimly Picnic at Eden Park fae 11.00am-5.00pm.  Ye nivver ken he micht even pit on his dookers an ging fur a sweem!

Aul McDonald is going to the coast to see the fine people up in Peterhead.  He's joining the Family Picnic at Eden Park from 11.00am-5.00pm.  You never know he might even put on his trunks and go for a swim!