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Doric Measurements to get Official Status 

01 Apr, 2024

Doric Measurements to get Official Status 

Doric Measurements to get Official Status 

The people of Northeast Scotland have long used a variety of Doric words to describe the weight, size and number of things. While native speakers are proficient in their ability to comprehend the exact amount of, for example, “a wee suppie”, non Doric speakers are sometimes left wondering as to “how much”, or “how many” is being referred to. 

It’s because of this, that Doric units of measurement are to be formalised.  

“Often, the issue is whether the noun modified is a count noun or a noncount noun”, said Phil Mair of The Doric Spikers Alliance, 

“Fyles e confusion comes doon tae a ‘suppie’, or a ‘puckle’.” Phil said,  

“Iv yer needin a bittie mair milk in yer tae, fur example, ye’d say – “can I get a wee suppie mair milk please?” Bit, iv ye were needin mair lumps o sugar, ye’d say “Can I hae a puckle mair lumps o sugar please? An of course”, Phil continued,  

“A puckle an a suppie can be prefixed wi an adjective tae denote exact quantity, for example, “a wee suppie – a small amount”, or a “fair puckle - lots”.  

Other units of measurement set to be included are:  

Muckle = Big 

Great muckle = massive 

Wee = small 

Affa wee = very small 

Fyle = while 

Wee fylie = short time 

In a wee meentie = in a minute 

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Jock's Daunder Roon Monymusk Nominated fur Award

08 Sep, 2023

Jock's Daunder Roon Monymusk Nominated fur Award

We've pinched iss news article fae Aiberdeenshire Cooncil's website. It spiks aboot e rare wee beuk screived bi bairns at Monymusk an gies a link tae vote fur thim at e Scots Language Awards - ye've gotten til 10th September tae vote!

We have stolen this news article from Aberdeenshire Council's website. It talks about the wonderful little book written by children at Monymusk and gives a link to vote for them at the Scots Language Awards - you have until 10th September to cast your vote!

Headteacher Jill Moir said: “We are absolutely delighted that both the children’s book and the school itself have been nominated for this year’s Scots Language Awards. I am so proud of the pupils’ achievements this year – they worked so hard on writing the book in the Doric dialect and they are all very deserving of an award for all their efforts.”

Cllr David Keating, chair of the council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee, added: “I’m really pleased at the well-deserved news for Monymusk School and these nominations demonstrate the school’s commitment to keeping the Doric alive and kicking. I really hope everyone across Aberdeenshire will vote for the school – it really would be the icing on the cake for the pupils, staff and parents.”

Voting for this year’s Scots Language Awards is now open and closes on Sunday, September 10. You can cast your votes here:

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Doric TV Interview

Jackie an Aaron fae Doric Books spik tae Jill McWilliam aboot e business an thir dreams for Doric Books.

Jackie and Aaron from Doric Books talk to Jill McWilliam about the business and their dreams for Doric Books.

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