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Aiberdeenshire Gift Caird

Aiberdeenshire Gift Caird


We’re fair trickit tae announce aat Doric Books is officially pairt o e Scotlan Loves Local Gift Caird scheme – Aiberdeenshire Cooncil Region.

If ye wint tae promote supportin local tae yer freens an faimly, foo nae buy thim e gift caird fur thir neist birthday an they can gie yer favourite companies a haun inna!

Fit is e Scotlan Loves Local Gift Caird scheme?

  • E company aat cum up wi e gran idea o e Scotlan Loves Local campaign (Scotlan’s Toons Pairtnership) his collaborated wi local Scottish communities an Miconex (e ceety gift caird providers) tae produce e Scotlan Loves Local Gift Caird!
    • E gift caird is unique tae ilka region o Scotlan an e purpose ahin e product is tae encourage fowk tae shop fae sma an local businesses tae help e survival o independent companies an keep e money in e local community.
  • E Scottish Government has fully supportit e launch o e Gift Caird an it can be seen aa ower Scotlan.

Fit wye eese e Gift Caird?

  • 2023 is aa aboot supportin e livelihoods o yer local community an buyin fae independent businesses!
  • They aften hae unique an quirky items aat are specialised tae yer area (sic like Doric Books, far you can buy beuks in Doric fae e comfort o yer ain hame!)
  • We wur aa ill-deen bi CO-VID 19, bit puckles o fowk are aye strugglin tae get back on thir feet efter e pandemic. Scotlan Loves Local wints tae encourage fowk fa normally but fae muckle companies tae think aboot buyin fae e shop jist doon e road!

Far Can I Buy a Gift Caird?

  • Simple, jist ging on an choose e gift caird fur e region o Scotlan ye wint, enter foo muckle ye wint tae pit on e caird, syne an gift it!
  • Yer special body can see far tae eese thir braw gift caird on e local directory page via


We are delighted to announce that Doric Books is officially apart of the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card scheme – Aberdeenshire council region.

If you want to promote supporting local to your friends and family, why not buy them the gift card for their next birthday and they can help out your favourite companies too!

What is the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card scheme?

  • The company that came up with the amazing idea of the Scotland Loves Local campaign (Scotland’s Towns Partnership) has collaborated with local Scottish communities and Miconex (the city gift card providers) to produce the Scotland Loves Local Gift Card!
    • The gift card is unique to each region of Scotland and the purpose behind the product is to encourage people to shop from small and local businesses to help the survival of these independent companies and keep the money within the local community.
  • The Scottish Government has fully supported the launch of the Gift Card and it can be seen across all of Scotland’s regions.

Why Use the Gift Card?

  • 2023 is all about supporting the livelihoods of your local community and purchasing from independent businesses!
  • They often have unique and quirky items that are specialised to your area (such as Doric Books, where you can buy books in Doric from the comfort of your own home!)
  • CO-VID 19 was a difficult time for everyone, but some are still struggling to get back on their feet after the pandemic. Scotland Loves Local wants to encourage those who normally purchase from larger companies to reconsider purchasing from the shop just down the road!

Where Can I Buy a Gift Card?

  • Simple, just go on and choose the gift card specific to a region of Scotland, enter the value of your choice and gift it!
  • Your special someone can see where to spend their lovely gift card on the local directory page via